In the early 60's, Ted Lee, a well known waterman built his home with his wife Linda Lee, in Dominion, Chester, MD. Ted has lived in Dominion all of his life. He grew up with many generations of watermen in his family including his Father, Lester Lee & several of his brothers. 

      Ted and Linda began their family and their lives together in their new home. When Ted was not working on the water he was delivering bait. He spent many hours and evenings delivering bait from Maryland to Virginia. This is when he began to realize that there was a need and an opportunity on Kent Island for this type of business. This led him to develop a business to sell bait from his back yard. With the help of his wife and partner, Linda, Lee's Bait Shop began. 

      For many decades, Ted operated his business by word of mouth, selling to waterman, sportsman and yes, even chicken-neckers. Today, Lee's Bait Shop still exists and consist of many regular customers that return year after year, along with many other customers that are attracted to the shop by word of mouth. As the result of Ted's hard work, dedicated workmanship and dependable location, he has built a legacy for his family and the shop is still operating and thriving.

      Many decades later Ted can be found around the shop, always with a friendly smile, waiting on and talking to countless customers, providing advice about the Chesapeake bay or crabbing and has a grateful heart for all of the many blessings God has provided to him and his family. In his eighties, Ted is still heading across the bridge to deliver bait, involved with the daily operations and continues to places orders with the business's he has been in dealings with for many of the years the bait shop has been established. 


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