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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

  1. From the bay bridge drive stay in the right lane, drive a few miles and bare right at the Rt.50 Domionion Rd/ 552 Exit. At the light go straight and follow the road until you come to a fork in the road. At the fork make a right then make the first right onto Green Lee. Drive up the lane at the split veer to the left make the first right. Follow the road to the shop. The shop is located behind the green house. 
  2. From DE, Cambridge or 301 head towards the the Kent Narrows Bridge, stay in the right lane, a couple miles from the bridge bare right at Exit 39-A. At the roundabout make the first right. Drive to the redlight and at the light turn right onto Dominion Rd. Drive several miles until you come to a fork in the road at the fork make a right towards Dominion.  Make the first right. Drive up the lane at the split veer to the left, make the first right. Follow the road to the shop. The shop is located behind the green house. 
  3. Look for bait sign, chickens and woodfield. You have arrived at our destination.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, check and we use the square processing service that accepts all major credit cards. Credit Card payments include a processing fee of 2.9% per total amount. Virtual Receipt upon request. 

Is there room for a boat trailer?

We have adequate amount of space for a driver to pull into the shop and turn their boat trailer around. If you would like to pull straight into Green Lee Rd. you can pull in front of the green house and pull around the circle to park and walk back to the shop.

Is there a boat ramp close by?

We have two boat ramps close to our location. You can use the images provided to see the two ramps closest to the shop. A permit is required to use the landings. You can look up Queen Anne County Public Landing for an application or pick one up from one of the vendors listed here. 

QAC Public Landing Parking permits can be purchased at the following vendor locations: Annapolis; Angler’s Sport Center…410-974-4013, Centreville; Draper Brothers…410-758-0340, Hillside Deli…410-758-2650, Price & Gannon Hardware…410-758-0730, QAC Finance Office…410-758-0414, QAC Parks & Recreation Office…410-758-0835, Chester; Chesapeake Outdoors..410-604-0446, Church Hill; Rhodes Store…410-556-6355, Crumpton; Outpost Citgo…410-778-4200, Grasonville; Shore Tackle & Custom Rods…410-827-7765, Kingstown; Riverview Liquors…410-778-2240, Stevensville; Blue Heron Golf Course…410-643-5721, L&B Marine…410-643-3600, Western Tire & Auto…410-643-5572, Worton; Shore Country Outdoors…410-348-5895.



Need more answers?

No problem! Feel free to email us at or leave your comment, concerns or questions in the box below and we will be in touch soon. If you would like a quick response back feel free to text Anna at 410-897-2906


We look forward to posting and sharing pictures of our customers and their catch. Use the upload option to share your pictures on our site. By doing so you are giving us permisson to post them here or display them at the shop.

Include: fishing, trot line, crab pot, crabbing, chicken necker crabbing, clamming, boating and getting your catch from land.

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